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Gourmet Popcorn, air popped & all natural. 
50% Profit ! FUNdraising services! *First Aid Kits* !
                  We "cover" everything from Delicious  Popcorn, First Aid Kits,  Logo Tumblers, Gourmet Cookie Dough & Coffee !
Umbrella Promotions provides expertise in Fundraising Promotions. We are a Family owned & operated company dedicated to making your events as successful as possible by providing the # 1 selling Product in America Poppin Popcorn.  We have combined over 50 years of FUNdraising experience. We cover everything for you from start to finish and specialize in
School, PTO, Sports, Dance, Band/Choir, Autism, Animal Rescue, Church, Rotary, Cheer and  Childcare  Fundraising Promotions.
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  1. Brochure Fundraising
    We offer a wide variety of Professionally Designed Popcorn Fundraising Brochures. Brochure fundraising is perfect for ANY size group. We provide all the material and do a custom cover letter for your campaign. 50 % Profit (40% Profit - out of state fedex delivery with tracking)
  2. Flavored Coffee Variety 4 Pack
    Delicious Cadillac Coffee variety pack with Vanilla Creme, Hazelnut Creme, Irish Creme & Chocolate Raspberry. Each 1.5 oz package conveniently yields a 12 cup pot of coffee. Delicious 8 oz. Pumpkin Spice comes packaged in a decorative cellophane bag. MADE IN MICHIGAN 50% Profit
  3. Cookie Dough (MI, IL & IN only)
    Delicious, gourmet Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough is a timeless fundraising classic. Available to Michigan, IL & IN groups only *Must stay frozen*
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View Brochure Pricing