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Umbrella Promotions Fundraising not only helps you profit, but they also give back to the communtiy by sponsoring events.  We have sponsored Golf Outings, Animal Rescue, Kids Food Basket, Big Brothers/Big Sisters & the Muskegon Watch Us Go campaign.

There are great prize incentives for all age groups like Trophies, Kindle or Android Tablets, Gift Cards and Gift Baskets.  
We have programs for pre-K & elementary aged children where everyone can win a small prize.


We ended up raising almost $12,000. It was the most profitable fundraiser we ever had. We had 4 children that sold over $600 each and they were all awarded very nice prizes for their efforts. We highly recommend working with Cathy and her team.
- Elementary PTO, Muskegon MI
The Popcorn is VERY delicious! It sold so well that we had to request more order forms! I was very impressed with how easy it was from start to finish! Umbrella was with me EVERY step of the way and very helpfull! Our small group of 15 ended up raising over $2000
- Brad, Baseball Coach, Muskegon MI
I literally can't stop eating this Popcorn! Neither can any of my customers, they all keep asking when the next fundraiser will be. We were very impressed with the results of our Spring 2017  fundraiser! Our Group of 100 raised just under $10,000 which is more than we EVER have before! 
-Cynthia Youth Group Leader, Saugatuck, MI
We did way better than we expected.  Doing a pep rally sampling the popcorn at the  fundraiser kick off really helped boost participation. Now we can get the classroom equipment we were raising money for.  Thanks for making this so easy and fun.
-Child Care,  Auburn, IL

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